Milo Frayne

Milo Frayne

Milo Frayne was born in 1949. His father served in the military during the Korean War. Milo enlisted in the Marines in 1966 and did a 6-year turn, seeing action in the Tet Offensive.

In '72, Milo left the Service and worked as a contractor. In 79, at age 30, he formed an agency along with a partner—Brawley Fiske. Brawley has killed more men, but Milo uses harsher words.

Milo hates cruelty in any form. He's been known to respond to someone who's cruel to an animal or a weaker person with the back of his hand, or the front of it.

Milo solves ill-defined problems. His offices are at Hardcase Investigations. Appropriate interested parties contact milo at his first and last name (.com). Don't waste his time.

You can follow Milo Frayne on twitter. More information is available from Milo's chronicler, Asher Black.